• A sphere is a locus of points in the space that are at distance r from a fixed point S.

    The point S is called a center of the sphere, the positive number r is called a radius of the sphere.

  • A plane intersection of a sphere is a circle.

    A center of a plane intersection of a sphere is an orthogonal projection of the center of the sphere to the intersecting plane.

  • If a plane contains the center of a sphere, this plane intersection is a circle called a great circle.

    A radius of a great circle equals the radius of the sphere.

  • All points of the sphere are regular points.

  • A tangent plane of the sphere at the point T is a plane through T perpendicular to the line ST, i.e. the line ST is a normal line of the sphere at T.

    circle intersections a tangent plane great circles

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  • Intersections of horizontal planes and the sphere are called the lines of latitude, the longest among them is called an equator.

  • Great circles that contain the endpoints of the vertical diameter of the sphere (poles) are called the lines of longitude or meridians.
    lines of latitude meridians-lines of longitude

    Constructive assignments

  • An intersection of a sphere and a line.
  • A tangent plane of a sphere.
  • An intersection of a sphere with a projecting plane.

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