Project summary

The aim of this research project is to study the role of assessment on the reliability analysis of existing structures. The project focuses on existing masonry and timber structures to evaluate the benefits of assessment with regard to the economy and safety of structures. The main objectives of the project proposal besides the establishment of the strong research group and application to other sources of funding are: to develop concise databases of structures and assessment techniques, to get the insight in material and structural properties obtained by assessments and structural analyses, to produce probabilistic database of material properties for masonry and timber structures, to quantify material properties and time-dependent material behaviour for the structural analysis of existing structures, to optimize models for the prediction of structural performance and to evaluate proportionality and reliability for a development of design guidance.

The project aims at delivering the basis for advanced assessment and design of existing structures, allowing a more economic design and a more accurate analysis of the consequences of failure. Also, the project will evaluate updating methods of properties for the application of the assessment and verification structures and consideration of time-dependent behaviour and the influence of environmental conditions. Design guidelines for the advanced assessment and rehabilitation of existing structures and for the integration of updating methods in the process of verification of the reliability of existing structures will be the main benefit of the project results. This knowledge will help to achieve the long-term objective of code-writers and designers in continuous improvement of design codes.