100 years

of the Faculty of Civil Engineering
University of Zagreb

2019 Timeline

18—22 March RILEM SMSS 2019
4—7 September OTMC 2019
9—10 September PhD SIMPOSIUM 2019
16 October 100 UNIZGFCE Anniversary Celebration
17 October Future Trends in Civil Engineering 2019

Festive Faculty Council Ceremony

October 16th / 12 am / VATROSLAV LISINSKI Concert Hall

The Day of the Faculty of Civil Engineering of the University of Zagreb will be celebrated in this festive year on 16 October 2019 at the main Vatroslav Lisinski concert hall, in remembrance of the historical beginning of higher education in civil engineering dating back to October 1919 when it all started at the Structural Engineering Division of the Higher School of Engineering in Zagreb. Civil engineering has always been a significant and esteemed human activity and, in Croatia, it has had a long-standing, rich and highly diversified tradition. Our engineers, their engineering solutions, products, and methodologies are well known and recognised worldwide and, here, at the Faculty, we have been continuously developing close ties with business and industry through research & development projects oriented toward innovations and new technologies. As the oldest higher education institution in the field of civil engineering, we have not only the obligation, but also the great pleasure, of continuously attracting attention to this significant and valuable sector of economy, as our engineers have built, are building, and will be building, a wide variety of engineering structures in Croatia and also far beyond its borders.