Understanding microstructure to predict durability of construction materials

Laboratory for advanced testing of materials (LATOM) is a research group focusing on multi-scale research of durability and microstructure of alternative construction materials, capable to autonomously use advanced analytical techniques provided by regional instrumentation network and trained by international centers of knowledge and excellence in the field.

Advanced testing of materials consists of set of techniques that can reveal behaviour of construction materials on different scales and enable full understanding of phenomena. The main goal of application of advanced testing techniques in the case of LATOM group is twofold:

  • using advanced analytical techniques and more fundamental approaches to fully reveal and unlock the potential of different materials (including waste material, by-products, natural raw materials and construction materials / products)
  • using advanced techniques to explain and understand different degradation mechanisms of construction materials and products (including corrosion, carbonation, cracking due to volume instability, temperature changes etc)

LATOM research group in a nutshell is presented in the figure below, indicating established cooperation of the group with national and international research institutes