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Importance of Alkali-Activated Materials – VIDEO demonstration

All of our projects aim to decrece the effect of cement industry on environment due to cement being the second most produced man-made material, and is responsible for 8% of global CO2 emissions. This can be done by replacing cement with industry’s by-products, and to make them into an effective binder, we also need to use alkali.

This video serves as a demonstration and answers the questions how and why do we use alkali-activated materials (AAM) and why are they important for ecosystem and climate change.

Video has been created in the framework of the online exhibition “Science is Wonderful! 2020” (European Research and Innovation Days) in September 2020 within one of our projects, “The PhD Training Network on Durable, Reliable and Sustainable Structures with Alkali-Activated Materials – DuRSAAM“.