Industrial collaboration

Members of the LATOM group work with industry on numerous projects that address specific issues such as:

  • development of innovative materials for tailored applications
  • evaluating specific properties of materials (e.g. pore structure using MIP, mineralogical composition using TGA, chloride content, heat and reactivity using isothermal calorimetry),
  • durability of innovative materials in a wide range of environmental exposure classes (e.g. chlorides, acids, freezing, carbonation)
  • correlation of durability properties with the microstructure of materials (e.g. changes in mineralogy during carbonation, addition of chemical admixtures, mineral additions)
  • monitoring of temperature changes in alternative binders in real applications (e.g. tunnel linings, massive concrete structures)
  • calculation of overall environmental impact of materials, system, process or structures (LCA)
  • improving circularity of processes, targeting potential uses of by-products and valorisation of waste materials.
Sampling for the analysis of changes in the mineralogy of concrete as a result of carbonation and leaching