Proceedings of the 4th Croatian Combinatorial Days

Editors: Tomislav Došlić, Snježana Majstorović, Luka Podrug

Publisher: Faculty of Civil Engineering, University of Zagreb

ISBN: 978-953-8168-63-5

DOI: 10.5592/CO/CCD.2022

Published online: June 2023

Proceedings can be downloaded as a single pdf file: Proceedings of the 4th Croatian Combinatorial Days

Table of Contents

Balanced simplicial complex associated with 1 × p polyomino 1-8
Ðorđe Baralić and Edin Liđan
Solving the dimer problem on Apollonian gasket 9-19
Tomislav Došlić and Luka Podrug
The Birkhoff polytope of the groups F4 and H4 21-26
Mathieu Dutour Sikirić
Grids of equidistant walks 27-39
Biserka Kolarec
On divisibility properties of some binomial sums connected with the Catalan and Fibonacci numbers 41-53
Jovan Mikić
On a linear recurrence relation of the divide-and-conquer type 55-92
Daniele Parisse
Complexity function for a variant of Flory model on a ladder 93-109
Mate Puljiz, Stjepan Šebek and Josip Žubrinić
Extended abstract on Local Irregularity Conjecture and cactus graphs 111-121
Jelena Sedlar and Riste Škrekovski
On circumradius equations of cyclic polygons 123-146
Dragutin Svrtan
Planets are (very likely) in orbits of stars 147-151
Darko Veljan