2nd Croatian Combinatorial Days

Zagreb, September 27-28, 2018




Book of abstracts



Thursday, September 27

8:30- 9:20: Registration

9:20- 9:30: Opening: A. Filipin, T. Došlić

9:30-10:30: Chairperson: Ivica Martinjak

9:30-10:00: Philippe Nadeau
Periodic Parallelogram Polyominoes

10:00-10:30: Laszlo Nemeth
Domino Tilings of Euclidean and Hyperbolic Boards

~ coffee break ~

11:00-12:30: Chairperson: Dragutin Svrtan

11:00-11:30: Mathieu Dutour Sikirić
Canonical form of positive definite matrix

11:30-12:00: Suzana Antunović
Detecting communities in directed acyclic networks

12:00-12:30: Damir Vukičević
MMR vaccination rates predicted by combining epidemic spread models, game theory, Fibonacci trading, and Google search statistics

~ lunch ~

14:00-15:30: Chairperson: Mathieu Dutour Sikirić

14:00-14:30: Ligia L. Cristea
Recent results on the magic of labyrinth patterns and fractals

14:30-15:00: Jelena Sedlar
Mathematical model for determining octanol-water partition coefficient of alkanes

15:00-15:30: Daniele Parisse
On a Generalization of the Carré Arithmétique de Fermat and on Some Weighted Sums

~ coffee break ~

16:00-17:15: Chairperson: Darko Veljan

16:00-16:30: Edin Liđan
Homology groups of generalized polyomino type tilings

16:30-16:45: Antonio Nuić
Bayesian Statistics by Means of Heuristic Methods

16:45-17:15: Tanja Vojković
Coloring and Multicoloring of Graphs to Secure a Secret

~ coffee break ~

17:30-18:30: Chairperson: Damir Vukičević

17:30-18:00: Ivana Zubac
A note on the Maximal Matchings in Rooted Product of Certain Graphs

18:00-18:30: Ana Klobučar
Theory and Simulation of Double Roman Domination Number on Cardinal Product of Graphs


Andrea Behin
The Golden Ratio within Regular Polyhedra and Geometrical Construction

Katherina von Dichter
On the asymmetry measure of Minkowski

Igor Urbiha
Atiyah-Sutcliffe Conjectures for Almost Collinear Configurations and Some New Conjectures for Symmetric Functions

~ dinner ~

Friday, September 28

9:00-10:30: Chairperson: Snježana Majstorović

9:00-9:30: Dragutin Svrtan
A new algorithm for finding largest small polygons

9:30-10:00: Riste Škrekovski
Some results on unique-maximum coloring of plane graphs

10:00-10:30: Jan Bok
On some open problems in minimum coloring games

~ coffee break ~

11:00 -12:30: Chairperson: Riste Škrekovski

11:00-11:30: Petra Žigert Pleteršek
Resonance graphs of kinky benzenoid systems are daisy cubes

11:30-12:00: Niko Tratnik
Some Distance-Based Topological Indices of Partial Cubes

12:00-12:30: Mario Krenn
A conjecture about perfect matchings motivated by quantum mechanics

~ lunch ~

14:00 -15:00: Chairperson: Jelena Sedlar

14:00-14:30: Simon Brezovnik
Complexity of k-rainbow independent domination and some result on the lexicographic product of graphs

14:30-15:00: Barbara Ikica
Maximum External Wiener Index of Graphs

~ coffee break ~

15:30 -16:30: Chairperson: Tomislav Došlić

15:30-16:00: Snježana Majstorović
Graphs preserving total distance upon vertex removal

16:00-16:30: Darko Veljan
Two inequalities: a geometric and a combinatorial

16:30-16:35: Closing: T. Došlić